Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jill's additions to pasta with roasted root veg and bacon

Jill -- Nice! --  

Check out Jill's comment below.  She suggests adding thyme and apples.  I don't always have fresh thyme, although if you mix a tsp of dried thyme with olive oil and let it sit a bit before tossing with veggies (and now apples) that would be really yummy.  Just like Jill, I always seem to have a few dried up old apples kicking around the fruit bin.  Plus I love cooked apples and bacon together.  Especially with pancakes. (MMMMM -- pancakes....)

I also like to quarter and throw my shriveled apples under a chicken along with some carrots and potatoes (both of which are also usually shriveled) and roast it all at 450.  The apples and veggies mix with the juices of the chicken and it all tastes amazing when it comes out about an hour later.  Make sure you thoroughly season your chicken with a sprinkling of olive oil, then sea salt and pepper before your roast it. Season the veggies and apples this way too.

Maddy suggests tossing a bit of orange juice with the veggies and apples before throwing them in the pan, which sounds really delicious.  Even at 10 she is an imaginative cook.

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